Friday 12 February 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Cold this afternoon. Rather cloudy in many areas with some showery rain at times, but much of Connacht and parts of west Ulster should have a lot of dry, bright weather but it will be misty in some places. Top temperatures of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius, highest in the southwest in a moderate southeast to east breeze.

Tonight's Weather
Cold but mostly cloudy and misty in many areas tonight with showers in places but dry periods as well. Some more persistent rain is expected to move in to southwestern areas later. Overnight lows of 1 to 4 degrees Celsius, but some frost and fog patches are likely where cloud breaks.


today's weather Tomorrow
Cold and mostly cloudy tomorrow with rain or showers and some heavy falls possible in places, some falls of sleet mainly on higher ground of the north midlands. Some northern areas may stay mostly dry. Highest temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius ,coldest in the north. Fresh and gusty easterly winds except in south where winds will be light or moderate.

3 Day Outlook
General: Cold and changeable.

Saturday night: Cloudy and misty for a time on Saturday night, with some rain and sleet. Drier, clearer weather will extend from the north later in the night, but may not reach much of Munster and south Leinster. Under any cloud breaks, frost will form, with the northern half of the country most at risk of this, with some icy patches. Lowest temperatures zero to plus 2 C.

Sunday: Another cold day on Sunday. Cloudy, misty weather over southern areas, with some rain and hill sleet, will clear slowly southwards. Brighter elsewhere but with some showers of rain and hail, these mainly on eastern and northern coasts. Top temperatures will be 5 to 7 C., at best and northeast winds will be moderate or fresh, making it feel extra cold. It'll be cold and mostly clear overnight on Sunday, with widespread frost once again, severe in many parts as winds turning northerly. Lows of zero to -3 C., are expected.

A cold, frosty, icy start to Monday morning and the frost may be slow to clear from some areas. Otherwise a cold, crisp, dry sunny day. Highs of just 4 to 6 C., are expected, but with little or no wind. Monday night will be very cold and frosty, with icy roads and with air temperature a few degrees below freezing in , most places.. Some dense fog may well develop also.

Trend: Tuesday will start cold, frosty and dry with sunshine, after frost and fog clear. But there are strong signals that cloudy and very wet weather will move in off the Atlantic later, in freshening southerly winds. That rain should clear on Wednesday, with colder and drier weather following, but frost returning overnight.