Saturday 28 February 2015

today's weather

Tonight's Weather
Cold, very windy and showery tonight, though drier in eastern areas. Gale force westerly winds with some very severe squalls at first in parts of the north and northwest, but winds will ease somewhat. Heavy showers in many areas, some of hail with isolated thunderstorms in western and northern areas later. Overnight lows of 1 to 4 degrees C., with frost mostly in sheltered areas due to the strong wind.


today's weather Tomorrow
Very cold and windy on Sunday with showers in many areas. Some more prolonged rain likely for a time in southern areas. Isolated thunderstorms in places and some showers will be wintry on high ground. Some brighter periods also with sunny spells. Afternoon temperatures of 4 to 8 degrees C.. Showers will turn increasingly wintry during the evening and night.

3 Day Outlook
Sunday night will be rather cold with fresh to strong, southwest to west winds persisting. Showers, some wintry, will occur in the western half of the country but the east will be mainly dry, with frost in sheltered places. These rather cold, breezy and showery conditions will persist through Monday also; the bulk of the showers will still occur in the west but some will penetrate further east also. Showers will retreat to western coastal counties on Monday night; clear spells will develop elsewhere and, with winds moderating over land, sharp ground frost will set in widely.

During Tuesday, winds veering westerly will strengthen generally making it feel even colder. Showers in the west will intensify and will be brought further east as the day goes on by the strengthening wind; wintry showers will occur in places, especially on higher ground. It will stay windy and very cold on Tuesday night with an ongoing wintry mix of showers, although the east and southeast will become drier. Wednesday next will start similarly but a gradual improvement will take place as the day goes on with winds slowly moderating and showers becoming much less frequent. Skies will then clear on Wednesday night and winds will slacken, allowing severe ground frost to develop more or less countrywide.

Thursday will be dry and bright for the most part with temperatures rising to some extent but rain will develop in the northwest and west later. The latter part of the week and next weekend will be much milder overall, though still rather windy at times. It is likely to be quite cloudy, however, with outbreaks of rain or drizzle, especially in the west and north.