today's weather Today's Weather
Cloudy with outbreaks of persistent rain in most parts. Drier fresher conditions in the west with scattered showers will extend to all parts this evening. Southwest breezes will be light to moderate.

Tonight's Weather
Dry tonight apart from some scattered showers, these mainly in coastal areas. Clear spells will develop widely. A cooler night than recently with lows of 7 to 9 Celsius in light to moderate south to southwest breezes. Winds will increase fresh to strong and gusty overnight near exposed coasts.

today's weather Tomorrow
Largely dry and bright at first on Saturday but becoming breezy and wet as outbreaks of rain spread from the west during the morning and early afternoon. This rain will be heavy in places but a clearance to scattered showers will follow later. Some of the showers will be heavy and possibly thundery. Highs of 11 to 14 Celsius in fresh, locally strong, and gusty southerly winds. Winds will veer southwest later and ease somewhat.