today's weather Today's Weather
Dry this afternoon and for much of the evening with some pleasant sunshine. Rain will spread to all parts from the south later this evening or early night and will be heavy and thundery in places, with a risk of hail. Highest temperatures today of 19 to 21 or 22 degrees. Southeasterly winds will be mostly fresh and gusty.


Tonight's Weather
Cloudy tonight, with heavy showery rain and with some thundery bursts and a risk of hail. A mild and humid night with lowest temperatures of 14 or 15 degrees in fresh and gusty east to southeasterly winds.


today's weather Tomorrow
The showery rain will clear early in the morning, with spells of sunshine following from the south. Some scattered showers will follow too and some will be heavy during the afternoon and evening. A fresh day with highest temperatures of 16 to 18 degrees. Winds will veer southwesterly with the clearance and will be mostly fresh and gusty, stronger for a time in western coastal parts, but will decrease moderate and back southerly during the evening.