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Tonight's Weather
Scattered showers this evening and at first tonight in Connacht, some of the showers heavy this evening, with a risk of thunder, and some wintry with any snow confined to high ground. The showers will largely die away overnight. Continuing breezy or windy for a time but the winds will veer west to northwest and gradually moderate overnight. Cold, lowest temperatures of 0 to 3 Celsius, with frost developing in places, especially later in the night.


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Apart from an isolated light shower, Wednesday morning will be dry and bright with early sunshine, but it will become cloudier through the late morning and early afternoon. The thickening cloud will bring some scattered patches of light rain or drizzle in the afternoon, mainly to western parts, but staying mostly dry. Becoming a little milder also, highs of 7 to 9 Celsius, with mostly moderate westerly winds backing southwesterly later and freshening on western coasts.