Tuesday 13 October 2015

today's weather Today's Weather
Mist and fog in places at first, with a risk of some dense pockets in the midlands, but these will clear, giving way to a dry, bright day today, with sunny intervals. Maximum temperatures 12 to 14 Celsius, in light variable breezes.

Tonight's Weather
Tonight will be dry, with clear intervals and slack winds, but mist and fog will develop in many areas once again, with a risk of dense fog in places, especially in the midlands. Cold, with a risk of grass frost. Minimum temperatures 1 to 5 Celsius.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a dry day, with sunny spells developing after any mist and fog patches clear. Maximum temperatures 12 to 14 Celsius, in mostly light variable or south to southeast winds, moderate along some Atlantic coasts.

3 Day Outlook
Headline: Mainly dry, settled conditions continuing for the rest of the week and probably also for the early days of next week.

Wednesday night: Dry, with variable cloud cover and very slack winds. Mist and fog will develop, with a risk of some dense fog in places. Cold, with some grass frost where skies are clear. Min. 1 to 6 Celsius.

Thursday and Friday: Dry, with sunny spells, but with some cloud at times, especially on Thursday. Mist and fog in the mornings, clearing gradually, but slow to clear in some sheltered places. Max. daytime temperatures 12 to 14 Celsius, in light variable winds. Nights will be cold, with temperatures falling close to freezing where breaks in cloud occur, with a risk of frost and fog also.

Weekend: Mainly dry, with sunny spells and just a slight chance of one or two isolated light showers along southern and eastern coasts. Max. 12 to 14 Celsius, in light mainly northeast breezes and with a continuing risk of frost and fog at night.

Early next week: Little change, with mainly dry, settled weather continuing.