Thursday 29 January 2015

today's weather Today's Weather
Cold and very windy tonight, with some severe winds for a time in western and northwestern coastal parts. There will be further hail, sleet and snow showers as bands of showers spread southwards early tonight. There will also be some thunderstorms. Later in the night clearer conditions will develop. Lows of 0 to +2 degrees with frost and ice forming. Strong to gale force westerly winds with some severe gusts at first tonight, but they will moderate later.

today's weather Tomorrow
Friday will be a cold and breezy day with a mix of bright spells and showers. The showers will be mostly of rain or hail at lower levels, but will turn more wintry on higher ground. Highs of 4 to 7 degrees in fresh and gusty northwest winds.

3 Day Outlook
Cold weather will stay in place over the weekend and will continue well into next week.

Saturday night will be bitterly cold as temperatures fall to between 0 and -4 degrees. There will be wintry showers overnight, mainly in parts of the west and the north. Frost and ice will also be a threat in moderate northerly winds.

A bright, frosty start to Sunday for much of the country and it will remain dry in many areas, but coastal counties of the west and the north will be at risk of further wintry showers. Cold with afternoon highs of only 3 to 6 degrees. It will become very cold again after dark on Sunday with temperatures falling to between 0 and -5 degrees. Once again coastal counties of the west and the north are most at risk of wintry showers, elsewhere it will be drier with long clear spells and frost and ice will return.

There is some uncertainty regarding Monday, at the moment it looks like coastal parts of the north, west and south will experience some rain during the day. It will be another cold day with highs of only 3 to 5 degrees in slack winds. While later in the evening, a weather front will finally move into western parts. The rain is likely to turn to sleet and snow overnight as it spreads eastwards overnight. The rain, sleet and snow will gradually clear away on Tuesday and it looks like that the rest of next week will remain cold both at day and at night, but with a good deal of dry weather.