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National Summary


Generally dry, humid and calm this evening. Remaining cloudy across most areas, however some late sunshine will occur locally.


Staying dry for much of tonight, in light southwest breezes. Mild and close too, with overnight lows falling back no lower than 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will develop in Atlantic coastal areas later, gradually pushing eastwards.


A rather cloudy start to tomorrow Tuesday, with patchy outbreaks of rain. Dry across many areas for the afternoon and evening with good sunny spells developing, however eastern counties may see some further showery rain at times into the afternoon. A fresher day, in a moderate westerly breeze, veering northwest. Maximum temperatures of 14 to 18 or 19 degrees Celsius (coolest along west and northwest coasts, with best values in the southeast).


Headline: Changeable weather for the rest of the week, with some rain at times, but with good dry intervals also.Tuesday night: Mainly dry, with clear spells and calm conditions. Misty in places, with fog patches developing. Cool, with minimum temperatures of 4 to 8 Celsius. A little patchy drizzle my develop later on some western or southern coasts.Wednesday: Most areas will be dry, with some bright or sunny spells, mainly in eastern areas, but cloudy in many parts, with a little patchy drizzle or light rain, mainly on some southern, western and northwestern coasts. Becoming humid, with hill and coastal fog developing. 17 to 20 Celsius, in mostly light to moderate southerly breezes, freshening along Atlantic coasts. Thursday: Outbreaks of rain will become persistent for a time in Atlantic coastal counties in the early morning, spreading gradually eastwards across the country, in mostly moderate southerly winds. Clearer, cooler conditions, with sunny spells and just a few scattered showers, will follow gradually during the afternoon and early evening. Maximum temperatures 14 to 17 Celsius.Friday and weekend: Early indications suggest that it will be relatively cool and fresh, with sunny spells and scattered showers, some of the showers heavy, with a risk of thunder, but some areas will escape with very few of the showers. Winds mostly moderate, south to southwesterly in direction.

Weather Charts


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Coastal Reports

Malin Head Automatic

East, 13 Knots, Mist, 3 Miles, 1010, Falling slowly

Dublin Airport

West-Southwest, 9 Knots, Cloudy, 10 Miles, 1010, Steady

Buoy M5 51° 41'N 6° 42'W

Southwest, 7 Knots, Wave ht:0.7 m, The visibility at Tuskar is greater than 10 Miles, 1012, Steady

Roches Point Automatic

South, 8 Knots, Cloudy, 16 Miles, 1011, Steady

Sherkin Island Automatic

Southwest, 4 Knots, Cloudy, 12 Miles, 1011, Falling slowly

Valentia Automatic

West-Northwest, 5 Knots, Cloudy, 24 Miles, 1011, Steady

Mace Head Automatic

Southwest, 8 Knots, Fair, 15 Miles, 1011, Falling slowly

Belmullet Automatic

West, 5 Knots, Cloudy, 15 Miles, 1010, Falling slowly

Buoy M2 53° 29'N, 5° 26'W

East-Southeast, 2 Knots, Wave ht:0.4 m, 1010, Falling slowly

Buoy M3 51° 13'N, 10° 33'W

South, 4 Knots, Wave ht: 1.3 m, 1011, Falling slowly

Buoy M4 55° 0'N 10° 0'W

Southeast, 3 Knots, Wave height not available, 1011, Falling slowly

Buoy M6 53° 4'N 15° 56'W

South, 16 Knots, Wave ht: 1.5 m, 1008, Falling slowly

Sea Area Forecast

Sea Area Forecast untill 1100 Tuesday 30 May 2017 Issued at 1100 Monday 29 May 2017

Meteorological Situation at 0900: A shallow frontal wave over the Irish Sea is moving away northwards followed by a light westerly airflow over Ireland. A weak cold front will cross Ireland from the Atlantic overnight with a moderate west to northwest airflow following for tomorrow. A small, transient high will move across Ireland and Britain on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Hook Head to Erris Head to Malin Head:

Wind: Variable force 3 or less. Becoming westerly force 3 this evening. Backing south to southwest early tonight force 4 possibly locally force 5. Veering northwesterly early tomorrow force 4 or 5.

Weather: Mainly fair/isolated showers. Rain/drizzle spreading eastwards overnight. Fair again later.

Visibility: Generally good. Becoming moderate in rain tonight.

Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Malin Head to Wicklow Head to Hook Head and the Irish Sea:

Wind: Variable force 3 or less or calm. Becoming westerly tonight force 3 or 4 and southwesterly Tuesday morning.

Weather: Rain/mist in the northeast and east Irish Sea at first and patchy rain tomorrow morning otherwise fair.

Visibility: Moderate at first and later but mostly good.

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 1100 Wednesday 31 May 2017: Moderate west to northwest winds becoming light variable or calm. Becoming moderate southeasterly Wednesday morning. Mainly fair. Patchy rain/mist in the southeast later.

Weather Warnings

National Warning

Widespread rain with the risk of heavy and thundery downpours for a time on Saturday which may lead to accumulations of 20-30mm.