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National Summary


Wet and extremely windy overnight. Strong to gale force and gusty southwest winds will develop, veer northwesterly later and will be squally, with some severe gusts in exposed areas, especially so in eastern areas around dawn. Turning much colder later tonight too, with temperatures falling to between 1 and 5 C. So the rain will turn to sleet or snow over hilly areas of Ulster before dawn.


Extremely windy and squally to start on Thursday, with further severe gusts, especially along the east coast. A cold day, with showers, some wintry in northern areas at first, mostly on high ground. But those strong to gale force and blustery northwesterly winds will moderate through the afternoon and evening and the showers will become more scattered. Top temperatures only 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, and feeling even colder due to wind chill.


Headline: Very changeable and unsettled weather continuing over the weekend and throughout next week also. Turning cooler also. Friday night will be mild, misty and mostly cloudy, with scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle, turning heavy in western areas by morning. becoming windy with strong southerly winds and overnight lows of 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.Saturday: Wet and windy on Saturday morning and early afternoon with strong and gusty southerly winds and rain in all areas, heavy at times. Brighter, less windy conditions, with sunny spells and just a few scattered showers, will follow eastwards during the afternoon and early evening. Top temperatures 10 to 12 Celsius. Saturday night will be cold, for a time, with minima of 2 to 5 Celsius and a patchy frost in places, but freshening southerly winds and increasing cloud from the Atlantic, should bring a rise in temperatures later in the night. Sunday: Windy and mostly cloudy, with just a few bright spells in eastern areas at first. Dry in many areas to start too, but rain, in western areas in the morning will spread to eastern areas later in the afternoon and early evening and winds will increase strong and gusty southerly. Top temperatures 10 to 13 degrees Celsius. But colder, drier, less windy weather will follow overnight, with just well scattered showers, a few wintry. Lowest temperatures zero or -1 C., with frost and some icy patches developing before dawn. Further Outlook: Early indications suggest that the early days of next week will be cold and changeable, with rain or showers at times. Cold and frosty at night too, with some icy patches in places.

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Coastal Reports

Malin Head Automatic

East-Southeast, 13 Knots, Moderate rain, 3 Miles, 993, Falling rapidly

Dublin Airport

Southwest, 17 Knots, Rain/drizzle, 10 Miles, 996, Falling rapidly

Buoy M5 51° 41'N 6° 42'W

Southwest, 21 Knots, Wave ht: 2.7 m, The visibility at Tuskar is greater than 10 Miles, 1002, Falling

Roches Point Automatic

Southwest, 25 Knots, Mist, 2 Miles, 1000, Falling rapidly

Sherkin Island Automatic

Southwest, 26 Knots, Gust 35 Knots, Mist, 4 Miles, 1001, Falling rapidly

Valentia Automatic

Southwest, 21 Knots, Gust 33 Knots, Recent drizzle, 5 Miles, 999, Falling rapidly

Mace Head Automatic

Southwest, 27 Knots, Gust 34 Knots, Mist, 2 Miles, 993, Falling rapidly

Belmullet Automatic

South-Southwest, 26 Knots, Gust 34 Knots, Rain shower, 1.6 Miles, 989, Falling very rapidly

Buoy M2 53° 29'N, 5° 26'W

South, 14 Knots, Wave ht:0.7 m, 996, Falling rapidly

Buoy M3 51° 13'N, 10° 33'W

Report not available

Buoy M4 55° 0'N 10° 0'W

East-Southeast, 23 Knots, Wave height not available, 987, Falling very rapidly

Buoy M6 53° 4'N 15° 56'W

West-Northwest, 31 Knots, Wave ht: 4.9 m, 997, Rising rapidly

Sea Area Forecast

Sea Area Forecast untill 0000 Friday 24 February 2017 Issued at 0000 Thursday 23 February 2017

Meteorological Situation at 2100: A rapidly deepening storm depression (Doris) 120nm west of Belmullet will track eastwards over the north of Ireland tonight, then to the North of the Isle of Man and in over northern England tomorrow morning and the gale force southwest to west flow over Ireland will veer northwesterly and moderate later.

Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Rossan Point to Malin Head to Fair Head

Wind: Cyclonic variable force 5 or 6 and gusty. Becoming northwest gale 8 or strong gale 9 and squally overnight. Moderating force 7 or gale 8 by early afternoon. Later decreasing force 6 and gusty.

Weather: Heavy rain, fog in places clearing to squally showers later tonight and early tomorrow morning, some wintry

Visibility: Moderate or poor, becoming good outside showers.

Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Fair Head to Howth Head to Carnsore Point and the Irish Sea

Wind: South to southwest gale 8 or strong gale 9 and gusty. Veering west to northwest overnight strong gale 9 to storm force 10 and squally, locally violent storm force 11 in the northeast. Decreasing force 7 or gale 8 and gusty in the afternoon, further decreasing force 5 to 7 later.

Weather: Heavy rain, fog in places clearing to squally showers later tonight and early tomorrow morning, some wintry

Visibility: Moderate or poor, becoming good outside showers.

Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Carnsore Point to Loop Head to Rossan Point

Wind: West to northwest gale 8 or strong gale 9 imminent, locally reaching storm force 10 on some western coasts. Moderating force 7 or gale 8 through the morning later decreasing force 6 or 7.

Weather: Heavy rain, fog in places clearing to squally showers later tonight and early tomorrow morning, some wintry

Visibility: Moderate or poor, becoming good outside showers.

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 0000 Saturday 25 February 2017: Northwest winds decreasing moderate for a time, but increasing strong to gale force southerly later. Becoming fair for a time, rain spreading eastwards on Friday

Weather Warnings

National Warning

Update on wind warning:\nWinds may increase higher than the general yellow warning, in eastern areas, for a time, later tonight and early Thursday morning, with northwest winds of mean winds of 70 to 80 km/h giving gusts up to 110 to 120km/h possible.

Gale Warning

South to southwest gales or strong gales veering northwest overnight or early Thursday morning on all coasts of Ireland and the Irish Sea with winds reaching storm force at times.