Saturday 18 April 2015

today's weather

Tonight's Weather
Dry and clear overnight. Some patches of mist or fog may develop in places. It will be cold with grass frost developing in many areas. Lowest temperatures of zero to 5 degrees.


today's weather Tomorrow
Sunday will be another dry day. Good sunshine at first. However, cloud will increase from the east through the afternoon and evening. Highest temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees with mostly moderate easterly breezes. It will be coolest in the east and warmest in the west.

3 Day Outlook
Monday: Still mostly dry but likely to be cloudier with the odd shower developing during the day, especially in Northern and Eastern areas. Highest temperatures of 11 to 14 degrees with light mainly East to Southeast breezes.

Tuesday looks mainly dry with more sunshine around again. Mainly light variable breezes so a little warmer even in inland Eastern parts with temperatures up to the mid teens or a little higher, and coastal fringes perhaps seeing some sea breezes keeping these parts a little fresher.

For the rest of the week: The settled weather will continue with spells of sunshine most days. Light to moderate Northeast breezes on Wednesday will bring the best temperatures of around 16 or 17 degrees to parts of the West and Southwest. A light North to Northeast breeze is expected on Thursday becoming variable on Friday. Depending on cloud cover and onshore breezes, temperatures are likely to still be above normal in the sheltered sunny areas. The nights will be cool with temperatures falling to around 2 to 5 degrees by dawn and grass frost for a short time, as well as mist and fog patches.

During Friday, more especially towards the end of the day and for next weekend, there looks like a return to more unsettled conditions as the high pressure influence declines.