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National Summary


Staying cloudy over the north and east with patchy drizzle but many areas sunny this afternoon. Rather cool with temperatures of 7 to 9 degrees in light to moderate south to southeast breezes.


Tonight will be cold and generally dry with clear spells. Lowest air temperatures ranging -1 to plus 2 degrees with patches of frost and fog forming and with a risk also of some icy patches. However it may stay cloudy through the night in the north and east with patchy drizzle.


Tomorrow, Friday: Another generally dry day in store with sunny spells in most areas but there is a possibility that the cloud will persist in parts of the east and north. Rather cold with a frosty start for many and top temperatures of 5 to 8 degrees in light breezes.


General: Cold but mainly dry this weekend. Day time temperatures will be in single figures. There will be significant frosts at night, under any clear spells, with temperatures a few degrees below zero. But the trend into next week, is for temperatures to recover both by day and by night. Southerly winds will freshen gradually and there will be some rain moving in off the Atlantic eventually.Cold on Friday night, with a widespread frost, severe in places and some icy patches. Lowest temperatures plus 1 to -3 C. It'll be a largely dry night once again with light southeast winds and clear spells and with some patches of mist and fog locally. Saturday and Sunday will both be mainly dry days, with some sunshine at times, but cold each day, with top temperatures generally just 3 to 7 C. The nights will be very cold, with sub zero temperatures quite widely and as low as -3 or -4 C., in places. So hard frosts both nights and with the frost slow to clear from some areas each morning. A few mist or fog patches may form also. But on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, some patches of drizzle are likely to encroach into some Atlantic fringes, but it should hold dry elsewhere. Current indications suggest that temperatures will recover gradually early next week, both by day and by night. Southerly winds will freshen gradually and there will be some rain moving in off the Atlantic sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Coastal Reports

Malin Head Automatic

South, 11 Knots, Cloudy, 10 Miles, 1036, Steady

Dublin Airport

South, 2 Knots, Cloudy, 13 Miles, 1037, Steady

Buoy M5 51° 41'N 6° 42'W

East-Southeast, 13 Knots, Wave ht: 1.3 m, The visibility at Tuskar is greater than 10 Miles, 1036, Steady

Roches Point Automatic

East-Southeast, 8 Knots, Fair, 14 Miles, 1036, Steady

Sherkin Island Automatic

East-Southeast, 8 Knots, Fair, 18 Miles, 1036, Steady

Valentia Automatic

East, 5 Knots, Fair, 24 Miles, 1035, Steady

Mace Head Automatic

South-Southeast, 8 Knots, Fair, 14 Miles, 1036, Steady

Belmullet Automatic

South-Southeast, 9 Knots, Fair, 12 Miles, 1035, Steady

Buoy M2 53° 29'N, 5° 26'W

Northwest, 3 Knots, Wave ht:0.2 m, 1037, Steady

Buoy M3 51° 13'N, 10° 33'W

Report not available

Buoy M4 55° 0'N 10° 0'W

South, 18 Knots, Wave ht: 2.6 m, 1034, Rising slowly

Buoy M6 53° 4'N 15° 56'W

Report not available

Sea Area Forecast

Sea Area Forecast untill 1200 Friday 20 January 2017 Issued at 1200 Thursday 19 January 2017

Meteorological Situation at 0900: A ridge of high pressure extends westwards over Ireland from an intense anticyclone of 1042hPa over central Europe.

Forecast for all Irish coastal waters and the Irish Sea

Wind: Southeasterly or variable about force 3.

Weather: Mainly fair. Patchy mist/drizzle in north and Irish Sea.

Visibility: Mostly good. Locally moderate in north and east.

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 1200 Saturday 21 January 2017: Light to moderate southeasterly winds; fresh for a time. Mainly fair weather.