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Watch highlights of the journey below including RTÉ.ie's special webcast of the ship's homecoming.

1 RTÉ.ie presents this webcast of the Sea Stallion's homecoming to Dublin, presented by Shay Byrne 
2 One News: Kate Egan reports that the Sea Stallion will be on public display at Collins Barracks until next summer
3 Phillip Bromwell reports on the Viking ship's homecoming to Dublin
4 Philip Bromwell reports from the ship's first Irish camp in county Louth
5 Six One News 1 Aug: Philip Bromwell reports that the Sea Stallion has reached Scotland on its journey to Dublin
6 Capital D: Portrait of Irish crew member Triona Nicholl, who joined the crew last week 
7 Snapshot of life aboard the Sea Stallion as it approached the Orkneys (DR)
8 Interview with Diarmaid Murphy by DR (Danish TV)
9 Orkney residents check out the newest Viking arrival (DR)
10 No wind forces a tow to the Orkney Islands (DR)
11 The crew scrambles to lower the sail after the rudder breaks, courtesy of DR (Danish Television)
12 Music video of the crew killing time before the easterly wind blows their way: Presented by The Viking Ship Museum
13 Diarmaid Murphy: The lone Irish crew member talks about his journey so far (courtesy of DR)
14 Six One News: Philip Bromwell reports on the start of the ship's journey from Denmark to Dublin
15 Life aboard the Sea Stallion: Witness the comraderie, cold and old sea songs (report in Danish courtesy of DR)
16 Safety Drills aboard the Sea Stallion: Presented by The Viking Ship Museum
17 Day One at Sea: Presented by The Viking Ship Museum
18 Reconstructing the Sea Stallion: Presented by The Viking Ship Museum
19 The Sea Stallion sails around beautiful Roskilde in Denmark
20 The crew prepares the ship for the long journey to Ireland
21 The crew prepares the sturdy ropes before setting sail
22 The crew and their rowing skills are put through their paces
23 Crew members test their oars before sailing
24 The sail is tested for its sturdiness ahead of the trip
25 Raising the mast
26 Six One News: Philip Bromwell reports that the world's largest reconstruction of a Viking ship will journey from Denmark to Ireland this summer
27 One News: Viking replica ship Gaia in Dublin
28 Dustin's Daily News: Niamh B looks at the world of Vikings in Dublinia
1 The Tubridy Show (audio only): Live from Custom House Quay following the Sea Stallion's arrival. Interviews with Diarmaid Murphy, Tríona Nicholl, Pat Wallace & Danish crew members
2 Morning Ireland (audio only): Triona Nicholl says that despite the delays, the ship will still arrive in Dublin on time
3 Morning Ireland (audio only): Brendan Fitzpatrick visits the exhibition and previews the arrival of the Sea Stallion
4 Seascapes (audio only): Diarmaid Murphy speaks ahead of the six-week long voyage
5 Morning Ireland (audio only): Viking warrior's remains found in Dublin
6 Anton Savage (audio only): Deirdre Ni Fhloinn reports from the deck of the Viking ship while Anton Savage talks to Triona Nicholl who will join the ship in Scotland
7 Anton Savage (audio only): Dr Pat Wallace, director of the National Museum, Carsten Hvid, captain of The Sea Stallion of Glendalough and Preben Rather Sorensen, Project Director give Anton Savage a taste of the voyage to come

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