Would You Believe?

The Coldest Night

The number one killer of young Irish men is not cancer, not road traffic deaths. It is Suicide. I believe the media reporting guidelines on this issue have dampened down reportage and added to the problem. Carol Anne Milton

Carol Anne Milton has been working with young people for nearly 20 years, trying to combat the depression, self-loathing and suicidal thoughts that blight so many young lives through spirituality workshops. All her theory and personal faith were put dreadfully to the test, however, when her 22-year-old son, Alan, took his own life, eight years ago.

Now, Carol Anne is, if anything, more determined to carry on her work. She is convinced that the lack of a properly nurtured spiritual dimension - the sense that their lives matter - is what leads so many young people to lose the will to go on. Her own unique approach to the young people she meets, however unconventional, leaves a deep and lasting impression.

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