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Would You Believe?

O Sister, Where Art Thou?

Anna Nolan explores the very personal reasons behind her decision to join the Loreto Order at the age of 19 and follows up with some of the other novices who trained with her all those years ago.

Anna Nolan, a long time Would You Believe presenter and reporter will turn the tables and become the subject of a Would You Believe special O Sister, Where Art Thou?

In the programme, Anna talks frankly about her childhood and what brought her to the decision at 19 years of age to join the Loreto order and become a nun. The documentary follows Anna back into her past where she confronts her decision and reflects back on both the joys of community life and the pressures of living a strict monastic existence.

The programme also sees Anna follow up with some of the novices who trained with her over 20 years ago to see how many of them stayed in religious life and how they feel about their decision now.

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