Would You Believe?

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This week on Would You Believe Anna Nolan meets a proud and unusual family the State has declined to legally recognise but who refuse to accept their status as second class citizens

Brothers Conor (17) and Daragh (20) have never known their fathers. They were both concieved through D.I.Y. artificial insemination and have expressed no desire to find their biological dads. But they have had the rare experience of being raised to adulthood by their two adoring mothers - Bernadette and Ann, a lesbian couple who set up home together over 25 years ago.

Conor and Daragh want to see their Mothers come in from the constitutional cold. Otherwise their maternal "outcasts" Ann and Bernie will be forced to emigrate to more tolerant shores. The boys have spent their childhood as part of a unique family set up, so how did they turn out ?

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