Would You Believe?

At Home with Maurice Neligan

Maurice Neligan, pioneering heart surgeon, outspoken critic of the government and the health service, Irish Times columnist; Last May his world was torn apart by the brutal murder of his daughter, Sara. In this programme Maurice Neligan talks about his daughter and her loss, about the challenge such a horrific event poses for a believing Catholic, and how he hopes to see her again some day. He also talks about the fundamental flaw in a health service that serves the disadvantaged so badly, and about the Minister for Health, who he likens to an "avenging angel" turning vulnerable patients into clients and customers. He disagrees with the bean counters who believe that pushing people through beds faster will improve our health outcomes, and argues that co located hospitals make no human or economic sense. Filmed at his home in Blackrock, and in his country retreat in Kerry, this Would You Believe gives a unique insight into a caring compassionate man who believes passionately in making things better for those around him.

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