Would You Believe?

Mari Steed

Mari Steed is on an emotional journey to piece together the missing links of her past, a life tainted by separation, loss and tragedy.

Born in 1960 in the Bessboro Mother and Baby home in Cork, at almost two years of age she was separated from her mother to be adopted in America.

Mari had a very happy childhood and loved her adopted parents dearly. But aged 16 she found herself pregnant. Mari was packed off by her conservative adopted mother to St. Vincent's, a mother and baby home run by Catholic Charities in Philadelphia.

On May 11th 1978, Mari gave birth to a baby girl whom she called Erin who was immediately placed for adoption through Catholic Charities.

This stirred deeply held unresolved questions and feelings about her own mother and her quest began in earnest to find her own mother in 1993 to be followed by a search to find her daughter.




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