Would You Believe?

Love Never Dies

RTÉ's longest running documentary series Would You Believe? returns with an extraordinary story of a grieving father's search for his son, who, he is convinced, lives on in the after-life.

"The minute Craig passed away, I knew that could not be the end, the life, the love, the personality. It was impossible for me to believe that was it."

Craig Sexton died on 2nd November, 2006, only four months after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. He was just six years old. Devastated at the loss of their only child, his parents, Neville and Barbara, started experiencing a series of unusual phenomena: after Neville had pleaded with Craig to send a sign that he was all right, a bulb exploded and other lights started flaring. Convinced that it was their dead son Craig communicating with them, these occurrences sent them on a personal quest to find out all they could about the after-life.

"We were exceptionally fortunate that we got messages from Craig and that gave us strength and therein gave us the sense that there is something else... there is more to life, there is a hereafter and that we will meet him again....."

Neville is on a journey to find out what has become of his son, Craig. He's not religious - he has a scientific, rationalist background - but his experiences of the paranormal have convinced him that Craig lives on. Curious to hear other people's take on the circumstances, he embarks on a series of meetings with people he hopes can unlock some of the mysteries surrounding life beyond the grave. In Trinity College, Dublin, he meets Prof. Werner Blau in the Department of Physics, to whom he shows his phone video of the lights flaring at home. Is there a scientific explanation for this or are there things that science can't explain? Next, Neville meets Michelle Lally, singer with De Dannan, who flat-lined during labour and can recall experiences of life after life, before her resuscitation. Finally, Neville meets Fr Pat Collins, a Catholic priest, psychologist and exorcist. What insights can any of these people offer Neville and his wife?

"It's the same as if my child was kidnapped and was taken to the other side of the world. I would try to do everything I could to find out where he is, how he is. He has gone to this place that I know exists and I will do everything I can to understand as much as I can about it. To me there is no better way of spending the rest of my life."

The Book

This is the true life story of how the love and loss of a child forever transformed and shaped the lives of those around him. Written by his father, Craig's story is a moving and inspiring tale of a young boy's life, his death, and his family's belief that he still lives on.

'He was a wonderful child in life. And in death he has reached across the veil, even more wonderfully, to show us that he still lives on. He's our special Craig: an incredible, beautiful, dearly loved little boy.'


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