Would You Believe?

Living on the Edge

The first programme to kick off the new Would You Believe series explores the story of the Corduffs - one of the Rossport families at the centre of the controversy surrounding the opposition to the laying of a gas pipe by Shell along a nine kilometre stretch of Mayo coastline. Willie and Mary Corduff believe they have a moral right to defend themselves and their family against what they perceive to be a potentially life threatening gas pipeline, even if this means breaking the law.

We're not against the gas, says Willie. In fact, we'd dig the trenches for them if they were to bring it in the right way. What the Corduffs are against is the way they feel this project has been imposed on them by the State and the oil company from the very beginning. They are the ones directly affected by a pipeline carrying high pressured, untreated gas, the likes of which doesn't exist anywhere else in the country, running close to their home. They are worried that, if anything did go wrong, the chances of them surviving a gas explosion would be very minimal. They believe their concerns are falling on deaf ears, and nobody cares. Their lives have been turned upside down, their faith challenged, their values undermined, even ridiculed. It is having a devastating effect on their lives. They are literally living on the edge.

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