Would You Believe?

John O'Donohue

John O'Donohue
John O'Donohue

N.B. This particular programme was only available for 21 days only and has now expired.

A tribute to poet, priest, thinker and spiritual guide, the late John O'Donohue, 'in his own words' - featuring vignettes of his writings from people who knew and loved him: His partner Kristine, his brother Pat, his sister Mary, his anam chara Martin Downey, his friends Michael D Higgins and Lelia Doolen and his old bishop Eamonn Casey.

On his role in the Church:

'I always was kind of on the edge of the church when I was fully in it , cos I was always asking the questions ..
And I could never believe blindly.'

On the Church:

The beauty of the Catholic church is that it has a sacramental structure that can hold its own with the best out of any tradition.
It has a mystical system and content that can hold its own with the best out of Tibet...its an amazing tradition but I think you need to be critical.'

On his priesthood:

'The best decision I ever made was to become a priest and the next best decision I made was to leave the formal priesthood.'

On Church leadership:

'We need great prophetic leaders in religion and in spirituality...what we are getting is lacking in vision ..not able to engage with the diversity of the culture.'

On Belief:

'My fear now would be that there will be a return to fundamentalism ..'

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