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Aonghus and Aonghus Og
Aonghus and Aonghus Og

WYB talks to four Irish men about the impact of becoming a father and how it changed their lives. Brendan O'Carroll, Aonghus McAnally, John O'Shea and Kevin Murphy reveal their thoughts on fatherhood and talk openly and often very touchingly about their love for their children. Looking back at their relationships with their own fathers they give their perspective on the changing role of fatherhood and how they feel about their role in today's society.

"The business of being a father is actually quite revolutionary..it's about being things that as a stereotypical male, you're probably not supposed to be...and that takes a lot of courage...." Kevin Murphy

"All kids really want you to do for them is just make them not afraid..." Brendan O'Carroll

"I think it's important that parents are there for children when they are in trouble but it's equally important that children learn to fight the battles themselves."John O'Shea

"For me one of the saddest things that I've ever heard from people is that their father never hugged them.." Aonghus McAnally

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