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RTÉ One, Sunday, 9.30pm
Would You Believe?

The Longford Phoenix

Christmas Eve - 24 December

Midnight Mass - 11.10pm

For over 150 years St. Mel's Cathedral in Longford had been packed with people celebrating the joy of the Christmas season. This all changed when on Christmas night 2009 St. Mel's Cathedral was burnt to the ground and reduced to a shell. After five years of mourning and loss and five years of painstaking restoration work, St. Mel's Cathedral has risen from the ashes and the people of Longford will once again celebrate Christmas in their beloved Cathedral. Most Rev Colm O'Reilly, retired Bishop of Ardagh & Clonmacnoise celebrates midnight mass.

The restoration of St. Mel's Cathedral is the focus of a Would You Believe Special? The Longford Phoenix on Tuesday 30 December at 6.30pm.

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