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Wild Trials ExtinctRTÉ One, Tuesday, 7.00pm

Episode 5

This week actress Mary McEvoy goes to Poland in search of the elusive Wild Boar.

Week five of Wild Trials Extinct sees well known Irish actress Mary McEvoy abandon the stage and head on a hunt for the elusive Wild Boar. Steeped in Irish mythology, the Wild Boar left its mark on the Irish landscape and stories, but was brought to its end here during the 17th century. The Wild Boar is still a common feature of mainland European landscape, so Mary heads to the vast woodlands of north east Poland.

Wild Boar have a keen sense of smell and an extreme wariness of humans, which means Mary is faced with a difficult task - long, quiet hours in a hide test patience to the limit and as freezing temperatures creep in, Mary is faced with a whole new set of problems. Will the boar be enticed to Mary's supply of food and will they show up in time for her to get a prize winning photograph?

Lucy Kennedy