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Wild Trials ExtinctRTÉ One, Tuesday, 7.00pm

Episode 3

Des Cahill heads to Kenya in search of the Hyena which is now extinct in Ireland.

This week sees sports presenter Des Cahill leaving the safety of the RTÉ studios for a week in the wild as he heads in search of the laughing Hyena. It's hard to believe an animal now only known in the African Savannah, the spotted Hyena, once roamed our landscape, but remains found in Cork provide Des with the evidence and sets him of on the trip of a life time to Kenya's Masai Mara.

Here, home for the week will be a tent, right in the middle of 2 million hungry animals - all to give Des the best chance of getting his photograph. With long days searching the plains for a glimpse of a mostly nocturnal animal, Des's challenge proves more difficult that initially expected. Will the early mornings take their toll on Des and will these notorious scavangers make an appearance for him?

Des Cahill