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Wild Trials ExtinctRTÉ One, Tuesday, 7.00pm

Episode 1

Pat Spillane goes in search of the Brown bear in Romania.

Kicking off this year's series is the legendary GAA footballer and broadcaster Pat Spillane who goes in search off the fearsome Brown bear. Extinct in Ireland for almost 4,000 years, Romania still holds a healthy population and it is here that Pat heads for as he attempts his challenge.

Standing two and a half metres tall and having incredible strength, Brown bears roam freely through the woodlands of Romania. To photograph them Pat must spend many long hours sitting in a hide, where patience and luck are the key to getting the shot. For Pat, still carrying the scars of his football career, treking thought these wild woodlands in the summer heat is a real test. Will the agonising hours in the hide prove too much or will his efforts pay off in the end?

Pat Spillane