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Who's afraid of Islam?

A three part series, in which Mark Little examines modern Islam the world's fastest growing religion.

'Who's afraid of Islam?' is Mark Little's journey across the globe in search of a clearer understanding of Islam. It sets out to provide an Irish audience with a better appreciation of what it means to be Muslim. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world with well over a billion followers in every corner of planet. As the world witnesses a global Islamic resurgence the series asks questions such as; What lies behind the current Islamic revival and where will it take us? Why do Muslims seem to hate Western life? Do the radicals we see on the news represent all Muslims? Or, are Muslims just misunderstood?

To answer these questions, Mark Little spent six months travelling around the world meeting a diverse range of Muslim people, seeking the broadest range of views and opinions. "Who's afraid of Islam?" goes beyond the simplistic views of radicals and apologists. In doing so, Mark Little travels to 10 countries on four continents to get to the heart of the religion and importantly, its people.


On the journey, Mark engages with all opinions, from the gay Muslim feminist and the Muslim Madonna to the Al-Qaeda operative and the archconservative Imam. We meet the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood MP on the impoverished streets of Port Said in Egypt, middle class Muslim women in Malaysia fighting for equality, Bedouin tribes in the deserts of Jordan, Muslim converts in a California State prison and the Irish convert who questions her past life: all Muslims and all with a point of view about what is one of the most significant struggles taking place in our world today.

In seeking to understand Islam, Mark discovers that not only are Muslims finding it hard to reconcile themselves with the West but crucially, Islam itself is in the midst of a struggle between those who would reform it and others who want to see a return to the 'true path'.

'Who's afraid of Islam?' is essential watching and Irish television's first real look at Islam in the world today.