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Have you ever stolen money from the Trocaire Box? Have you ever lied about your age? Have you ever secretly checked your partner's emails? What percentage of people have admitted to being unfaithful in a relationship? And what province is home to the most unfaithful people? These answers to these burning questions and many more will be revealed in a new RTÉ gameshow, Who Knows Ireland Best?', presented by Derek Mooney, which starts this Friday night on RTÉ One at 8.30pm.

How well do you think you know your fellow country-men and women? Viewers can take part in the fun and play the game themselves at their leisure by downloading RTÉ's first gameshow App, now available FREE! from the App Store and Android Market.

Big Mountain Productions commissioned MillwardBrownLandsdowne to carry out a survey of 1000 people across the nation and ask them 100 probing questions about everything from their manners and morals to their hopes and expectations. It's a census of our self-esteem, a survey of our cultural body image. After the death of the Celtic Tiger, we stop the clock and assess who we are right now. Who Knows Ireland Best? sets two teams against each other to see who is most in touch and who has their finger on the pulse. Points are awarded for being in agreement with the majority of the country. There will be Cabbies verses Models, Students verses Mammies and Tattooists verses Hoteliers - a diverse cross-section of the nation to match the survey itself. Questions are broken into several rounds covering all aspects of Irish life, allowing contestants to include their own thoughts and anecdotes around the subjects. The eventual winners can truly be said to be in sync with the heart of the country.

Here are some more of the questions put to Irish people during this series:

  • If you are given too much change in a shop do you return it? What percentage said yes? And who are more likely to give back extra change - Dublin or Cork people?
  • What percentage of people believe in God?
  • Should the man pay for dinner on a first date?
  • Do you consider yourself overweight?
  • What percentage of the country knows all the words to the National Anthem?

The 'Who Knows Ireland Best?' App is a game where the public can answer the questions that appear in the series and pit their wits against the survey we've taken of the country. Each Friday when the show airs, a new game will be available as an update to the App. The App is played against the clock and the idea is to answer as many questions correctly before the time runs out.

Bill Malone, Commissioning Editor for RTÉ Entertainment, said: "Who Knows Ireland Best? is a fun and entertaining look into the habits, minds and morals of Ireland today. It's a game show that gives us a sneak peak into what the nation really thinks and does. This is also the first RTÉ television game show that comes with its own free App so viewers can play the game at their leisure and see how well they know Ireland too."





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