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Story Outlines

{Series 1}

Photograph: Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird knows nothing. His family history is a blank page, and every revelation is a genuine surprise. His only starting-point is a grandfather from Bermuda who brought electricity to Macroom... but why did he change his name?

From Cork to The West Indies, from Portsmouth to The Battle of The Nile, from the unerring love of the sea to the illicit love of a brother's wife, Charlie pieces together six generations of his family tree from scratch, and ends up back where he began, but very much the wiser.

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Photograph: Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

Joe's story is a Tale of Two Grannies. One was born & raised in the notorious tenements of inner city Dublin, and her brother's vain attempt to escape this desperate poverty ended in the trenches of Northern France...

But Joe's other grandmother was born into a very different life in India, and unravelling her story takes the True Blue Dub on a tour of his roots from Roscommon to Mumbai.

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Photograph: Dana Rosemary Scallon

Dana Rosemary Scallon

Family is an important part of Dana's life. She's prepared to take the good & the bad on board, just to know more about the lives that came before her. Her journey takes in secretive Protestants, elopement, Catholic Colonies in the Wild West, and a tragic life bookended by the famine and the poorhouse.

Through all of this, there is the mystery of her Great Grandfather, who walked out on his wife and children more than a century ago. Dana wants to know what happened him, but she's afraid it won't be good.

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Photograph: Ardal O'Hanlon

Ardal O'Hanlon

The O'Hanlon name has been at the heart of many an Irish rebellion, and Ardal is desperate to separate the myth from the reality. He re-traces his Grandfather's exploits, from the morning of Bloody Sunday through to a dramatic prison-break; he also sets out to prove his connection to famous castle & an infamous 17th Century rebel.

But ultimately, it's a childhood myth which turns out to be true that takes Ardal to New York, where he uncovers the story of an extraordinary Irish dynasty at the heart of a modern American revolution.

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Photograph: Pamela Flood

Pamela Flood

Pamela's biggest fear was that her family history would be too boring & normal....

She needn't have worried! An innocuous letter written by her grandmother opens up an amazing adventure through 19th & early 20th Century Dublin, taking in grand gentry houses & red-light districts, millionaire solicitors & pawnbrokers, contested wills, illegitimate children and eventually, murder.

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Photograph: Linda Martin

Linda Martin

Linda spends the programme searching for a Martini... She has always believed she had Italian roots, and now is her chance to prove it. She follows a trail of immigrant sculptors & craftsmen, starting in Little Italy in Belfast and leading to Dublin, Edinburgh and eventually, Milan. Along the way, Linda also uncovers some surprising sides to her family: from a Scottish coal-mining tragedy to a grandmother with a very 'liberal' approach to men & marriage!


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