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WhistleblowerRTÉ One, Sunday 31 August & Monday 1 September 2008 at 9.30 pm.

About the programme

A two-part factually based drama about one young midwife’s courage in blowing the whistle on irregular obstetric practices at the hospital where she worked. This decision set in train a series of events which resulted in a full investigation, highlighting the plight of a great number of women whose lives were blighted forever.

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Lourdes Hospital Inquiry

Click here to view the Lourdes Hospital Inquiry Report by Judge Maureen Harding Clark.

Patient Focus

Anyone affected by the events depicted in this programme or by similar events can contact Patient Focus for support.
Address: Sky Business Centre, Plato Business Pk, Damastown, Dublin 15
Phone: 018851611/ 17 /33/ 58.