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Episode One

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In this first instalment of the series we are introduced to Sheikh Shaheed Satardien and Gazala Malik, who both live in Ireland  Sheikh Shaheed Satardien was forced to flee for his life from his native Cape Town when he stood up to radical Muslims.  Leaving his first wife Fozia and their ten children behind, he, his second wife Rhoda and their four children,  fled to Ireland.. his grandmother's ancestral home.

While he feels at home in Ireland, here too, he as become a controversial figure.  Though he preaches "integration, integration", Shaheed also speaks out and voices his fears for social harmony in the land of his grandmother Siobhan "Ruby" Connolly.  For this he has been labelled a racist and accused by some of Ireland's most influential Muslim clerics, of scaremongering.  His many critics have also questioned his credentials as an Imam and scorned him for aiding and abetting what they call "Islamophobia".  Shaheed's wife Rhoda fear for him and her family because of what happened in South Africa.

37-year-old Gazala Malik is glamorous, outgoing and always on the move. Conspiring with her sister in law, Siama, she convinced her reluctant husband, Ashfaq, that life in Ireland would be more relaxed and better for their children.  And so Ashfaq left his job as a London banker and the family moved to West Dublin where he opened a grocery store. After a tricky six months, the business took off and the couple decided to spread their wings and open a café in the heart of an industrial estate. Menus were prepared, turkey rashers and chicken sausages on the ready, but Gazala hadn't reckoned on the significance of the full Irish breakfast and the essential ingredient.bacon. After four days she shut up shop.  Not one to be kept down, Gazala soon started plotting a third  business venture, 'Spice Heaven', an Indian Take Away. this time nothing can go wrong because this time, bacon isn't an issue!

Gazala and Ashfaq
Gazala and Ashfaq