The Hark

The last recorded boat to travel the canal.

Reg bought the Hark in 1978 from a previous owner based in Dun Laoghaire. At the time it had sunk on it's moorings in Killaloe and was available at a bargain price. Using a team of divers Reg pumped the boat dry over a weekend. There was still a leak in the hull so they moved Hark into the drydock. Inspection revealed that the boat would be expensive to fully restore/repair which was beyond his modest means at the time. Eventually he sold her on to a Dutchman living in Scarriff. The Dutchman towed her to Scariff Harbour intending to undertake the necessary work. Reg subsequently heard that there were delays and that Hark had once again foundered. To the best of his knowledge she lies there still, at the bottom of Scariff Harbour. It was only may years later that Reg heard that Hark was recorded as the last boat to navigate the royal canal pre-restoration. He took great pleasure in seeing Ruth Heard's home movie of their trip so long ago.