A portrait of Teresa Brayton on the site of The Old Bog Road

Teresa Brayton

1868 - 1943 Poet and Author

TERESA BRAYTON - had poems published in 'The Nation' over the initials 'T.B'. She then emigrated to America in 1895, first to Boston and then to New York. In New York she met and married Richard Brayton. She had poems published in various newspapers and periodicals and appears to have returned to Ireland several times because she got to know most of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, and strongly supported their cause in her literary work. She returned permanently in 1932, first to Dublin and then, in 1940, to her birthplace. She died in 1943. 'The Old Bog Road' first appeared as a poem rather than a song in her book 'Songs of the Dawn'.

Other works by Teresa Brayton include:

  • A Christmas Blessing
  • A Christmas Fancy
  • A Christmas Song
  • A Druid Speaks
  • A Little Boy
  • A Nature Story
  • In Bethlehem
  • Jerry Connor's Forge
  • Mary's Lullaby
  • Roll Back the Stone
  • Rosary Time in Ireland
  • The Green and the White and the Gold


The Old Bog Road, Co. Westmeath

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Teresa Brayton in Episode Three

In episode three of the series, Dick visits Teresa Brayton's grave to pay his respects.

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