Dick takes to the skies in the Jungmann in episode five.

Bucker Bu 131 "Jungmann"

Bi Plane

BUCKER BU 131 "JUNGMANN" - The biplane Dick that Dick flies in is a Bucker Bu 131 “Jungmann”. It was built in Spain in 1953 by Casa. It is a German design and the first one flew in 1934. In the late 1930s and during World War Two these planes were used extensively to train Luftwaffe pilots and also flew a small amount of combat missions. The Germans licensed the building of them to a number of other countries, including Franco's Spain, and the Spanish Airforce used them as trainers up until 1968. They are very small planes with a fuselage of steel tubing covered in fabric and metal and wooden wings covered in fabric. This model has a 125 horse-power four cylinder piston engine. Today they are rare collector's items, prized for their exceptional handling abilities.


Jungmann in Episode Five

Dick is taken for a spin by local pilot David Bruton in episode five when The Ramblar visits Abbeyshrule.

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