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Episode 5

Tuesday 13 March 2007

Forget the high Kings of Ireland and ancient battles, there's more history under our concrete city streets than you could even imagine.  From the statue with the Da Vinci code link to the bizarre plan to move Cork city centre; from Kilkenny's forgotten coal miners to Dublin's transport problems - Rob Vance travels Ireland's cities in search of some excellent, quirky and very human historical yarns.

In this, the penultimate programme in the current series of Urban Tales Rob becomes totally immersed in character, and transforms into a Georgian gentleman in Dublin for a day.  He dons a wig and make up, and spends his day eating and drinking as a gentleman of Georgian times would have done. 
Rob also explores the secret tunnels under the walled city of Derry. He speaks to local historians, who tell us the history of the city's many tunnels and the roles they played in the siege of Derry and the Battle of Windmill Hill during the 17th century.

We also look into the mysterious life and death of Waterford's boy soldier, John Condon, who is believed to be the youngest Allied casualty of the First World War, and meet his nephew who tells us of his families surprise at his involvement in the war.

Rob Vance