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RTÉ Two, Tuesday, 8.05pm
Ugly Betty


Series 4

Programme 1
The Butterfly Effect Part 1

Programme 2
The Butterfly Effect Part 2

Programme 3
The Weiner, The Bun, and The Boob

Programme 4
Plus None

Programme 5
Backseat Betty

Programme 6
Level (7) With Me

Programme 7
The Bahamas Triangle

Programme 8

Programme 9
The Passion Of The Betty

Programme 10
Back in Her Place

Programme 11

Programme 12
Chica and the Man

Programme 13
Smokin' Hot

Programme 14
Fire and Nice

Programme 15
All the World's A Stage

Programme 16
Million Dollar Smile

Programme 17
London Calling

Programme 18
The Past Presents the Future

Programme 19
Hello Goodbye

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