Programme 8

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7.30pm RTE 1 Friday March 19th
8.00 pm TG4 Wednesday March 24th

This programme provides the words and phrases needed to describe people, both physically and their personality.

Sharon meets local broadcaster Antoine Ó Donghaile who is well known for his work as producer and director for BBC Northern Ireland.

She visits the offices for LÁ, the Irish language daily newspaper, in Belfast. She meets some of its journalists as well as architect Kieran Mackel who designed the building.

‘An Cultúrlann ‘ , a cafe in Belfast, presents an opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversations of those who have dropped in for coffee and a chat.

‘An Grá Faoi Ghlas’ - There is tension in the house this week when Sorcha takes an interest in Darren but is surprised by competition from Aingeal.