Programme 14

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7.30pm RTÉ ONE Friday
8.00 pm TG4 Wednesday

In this programme you will learn the language necessary to discuss aspects of the media. Sharon meets sports commentator Mícheal Ó Domhnaill in Ring, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, where he works with the Television Production Company 'Nemeton'.

Nemeton is one of the largest television production companies in the country and has its own technical facilities. Nemeton is based in the Gaeltacht area of Ring Co. Waterford. The soundscape listens to three young boys playing with their donkeys in a field at their home in Ring, Co. Waterford.

None of the house mates have seen television or listened to the radio since entering the house. They're not interested in what is happening in the outside world, all they can think about are matters of the heart!