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Clár/Programme 1:
Topic: Your background and where you live
Aoife Ní Thuairsig
RTÉ One Friday Jan. 31st 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Feb. 4th 8.00pm


Clár/Programme 2:
Topic: The Family
Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh
RTÉ One Friday Feb. 6th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Feb. 11th 8.00pm


Clár/Programme 3:
Topics: Arranging to meet someone, choosing a place and time to meet, saying if you enjoyed something and making your excuses.
Cian Ó Ciabháin, Seán Bán Breathnach.
RTÉ One Friday Feb. 13th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Feb. 18th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 4:
Topics: This week Sharon looks at the words and phrases needed to talk about leisure activities and pastimes.
Micheál Ó Muircheataigh, Dara Ó Cinnéide.
RTÉ One Friday Feb. 20th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Feb. 25th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 5:
Topics: Join Sharon in Donegal to hear about the literature and culture of the county and learn how to talk about art, poetry and books.
Cathal Ó Searcaigh.
RTÉ One Friday Feb. 27th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Mar. 3rd 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 6:
Topics: In this programme you will learn how to say where you work; what you want to be; what you do for a living.
Barrister, journalist and mother of two Cynthia Ní Mhurchú.
RTÉ One Friday Mar. 5th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Mar. 10th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 7:
Topics: In this programme you will learn how to talk about your school days and how to ask others about their experiences. You will also learn how to talk about various subjects and say which ones you liked or didn’t like.
Irish-language poet Louis de Paor who directs the Centre for Irish Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway.
RTÉ One Friday Mar. 12th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Mar. 17th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 8:
Topics: In this programme provides the words and phrases needed to describe people, both physically and their personality.
Local broadcaster Antoine Ó Donghaile who is well known for his work as producer and director for BBC Northern Ireland.
RTÉ One Friday Mar. 19th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Mar. 24th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 9:
Topics: It’s time to look at health! You’ll find out how to describe symptoms of illness and how to sympathise with someone else when they’re under the weather.
Sharon meets actor Seán Ó Tarpaigh who plays the character Tom in TG4’s ‘Ros na Rún’ and talks to him about how his interest in Yoga developed.
RTÉ One Friday Mar. 26th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Mar. 31st 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 10:
Topics: Learn how to say where you have been; countries you have traveled to; places you've gone on holidays and if you enjoyed them.
Sharon meets Irish dancer Breandán de Gallaí in his native Donegal and talks to him about his travels.
RTÉ ONE Friday April 2nd 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday April 7th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 11:
Topics: This programme provides the words and phrases needed to describe food and drink.
Sharon meets TV chef Brian Ó Domhnaill in the family restaurant in Annagry, Co. Donegal where he prepares a dish for her.
RTÉ One Friday Apr. 9th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Apr. 14th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 12:
Topics: In this programme you can learn how to talk about houses - your present house, your childhood home and your dream house.
Sharon meets teacher Mairéad Ní Fhlátharta from Spiddal.
RTÉ One Friday Apr. 16th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Apr. 21st 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 13:
Topics: This programme provides the words and phrases needed to describe food and drink.
Sharon meets up with one of TG4's rising stars, Síle Ní Bhraonáin.
RTÉ One Friday Apr. 23rd 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday Apr. 28th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 14:
Topics: In this programme you will learn the language necessary to discuss aspects of the media.
Sharan meets sports commentator Mícheal Ó Domhnaill in Ring, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, where he works with the Television Production Company 'Nemeton'.
RTÉ One Friday Apr. 30th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday May 4th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 15:
Topics: In this programme you will learn the terms used for different areas of technology and how to discuss email, computers, skills.
Sharon meets Seán Mac Réamoinn who is the Managing Director of the technology company, Zamano.
RTÉ One Monday May 10th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday May 19th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 16:
Topics: In this programme Sharon presents the words and phrases needed to give orders and to ask someone for a favor; she also tells how to ask permission to do something and how to warn someone.
Sharon meets rugby commentator and TG4 pundit Eoghan Ó Neachtain in his native Conamara where he throws a watchful eye over the young footballers training.
RTÉ One Monday May 17th 7.30pm
TG4 Wednesday May 12th 8.00pm

Clár/Programme 17:
Topics: In this programme you will learn to ask and tell people how many languages you speak and which ones; which you find difficult or easy and other languages you'd like to learn.
Dutch man Alex Hijmans is a fluent Irish speaker he tells Sharon how he came to Galway, where he runs 'An Banana Phobhlacht', an Irish speaking coffee bar. Sharon visits Spiddal Co. Galway and meets Oisín Ó Conláin, his wife Yuko, who is from Akita in the north of Japan, and their family.

Clár/Programme 18:
Topics: In this programme you will learn how to ask for information about Irish language courses in the Gaeltacht, discuss costs, say that you are having difficulties and express opinions about a language class.
Sharon's guest is teacher and television presenter Aoife Ní Chonchúir. Aoife recently presented the programme 'Mississippi' on TG4 where she traveled from Canada to New Orleans.

Clár/Programme 19:
Topics: In this programme you will learn to say how you feel about someone, how long you've been in a relationship and how well you get on with someone.
Sharon meets Cork-born singer/songwriter John Spillane. John has released two solo albums to date and has won a Meteor Music Award in the the Best Folk/Traditional Act category in 2003.

Clár/Programme 20:
Topics: Topics: In this programme, the last in this series, you will learn how to express opinions on politicians and name the various political parties.
Guest: Radio presenter Cathal Mac Coille is Sharon's final guest. Cathal is one of the three presenters of RTÉ's flagship Radio News programme, Morning Ireland.