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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Fern Britton

She's just quit one of the most sought after jobs in Television and she's here to explain why. Fern Britton told Ryan the truth behind her career choice, her controversial weight-loss regime and her secret tip to nabbing a husband (hint - it involves kidnapping his clothes)!

PJ Gallagher and Jason Byrne

Ireland's favourite comedy duo were on the couch together for the first time. The two best friends had the audience in fits of laughter as they talked about their friendship, Jason's hypochondria and PJ's fear of commitment!


The women in studio were thrilled when one of the biggest pop bands in the world performed their classic hit "No Matter What". The boys were in great form as they chatted to Ryan about their upcoming tour and their rigorous training, but it was nice to see the lads hadn't lost their sense of humour when they picked out audience members to perform in the next big thing in boy-bands - TubZone!

Audience Game

Five unsuspecting members of our studio audience gave us an outstanding rendition of "Love Me For A Reason" to win a "Yes to Carrots" skin and body care gift box and a 5 night supply of "Jeepers Peepers", the revitalising under eye patches from Irish owned company "Toxic Twins" that keep you looking young and fresh for a night on the town.  They also won a night's stay in a Talbot hotel.

Stephen Fry

Actor, writer, comedian and all-round renaissance-man Stephen Fry, is one of the most popular people in the world on the social network site "Twitter." The raconteur spoke to Ryan about his love of America, his close friendship with Prince Charles and why he didn't jump into the 40 foot!