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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Liam Neeson & James Nesbitt

Two of Ireland's most successful actors joined Ryan to talk about their new movie "Five Minutes of Heaven". The two talked about working together for the first time, filming in Northern Ireland and how joyous it was to experience the changes there. We were even treated to a clip of one of Mr Neeson's most memorable roles - on Sesame Street!

George Hook & Brent Pope

The two rugby pundits are Ireland's answer to the odd couple, so after hearing their expert, and sometimes controversial, opinions on the Irish team, Declan Kidney and our chances in the 6 Nations Championship, we decided to test their knowledge of each other in a special "Mr & Mr" Game!. We soon wished we hadn't as Brent revealed all of George's secrets and we found a photo that revealed a little too much about Mr Hook!

Caroline Morahan

She started off on the Fame Game, got stuck into fashion with Off The Rails and is now the sidekick to the Ballydung boys. Looking as glamorous ever, Caroline Morahan told us the truth behind the headlines and why she's decided to head to Hollywood.


We had music from the Irish band whose current single is Ryan's favourite hit of the year. Bell X1 performed "The Great Defector" from their new album "Blue Lights on the runway".