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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Aoife Kelly & Alice O'Sullivan

Ryan met with the current Rose and the very first to see how much has changed in the 50 year history of one the most celebrated events in the country.

Nuala Carey, Baz Ashmay & David Kavanagh

She's the weather girl who wants it to rain men. He's the bad boy who might have finally settled down. They're joined by Ireland's flirt expert to discuss the do's and don't of modern dating, but can our panel help you to find love before the dreaded V-Day?

John Fitzpatrick

He's an Irish man living the American dream and he chatted to Ryan about his successful hotel business and experiences playing host to people as diverse as The Clintons and Ian Paisley. John Fitzpatrick is an inspiration to the entrepreneur in all of us!

Robert Burck - The Naked Cowboy

He wants to be the most celebrated entertainer of all time - he's certainly one of the most naked! From anonymous busker to New York tourist attraction and world wide phenomenon, the Naked Cowboy had the women in our audience in awe and the men in shock as he performed his theme song "I'm the naked cowboy".