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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sir Roger Moore

We had a very special guest on the show - the man who seduced more women, defeated more evil geniuses and had more cool gadgets than anyone else, the great Roger Moore. As the quintessential James Bond chatted with Ryan he showed he hadn't lost an ounce of his quick wit or undeniable charm. And before he left he decided to pass on his espionage expertise to two lucky audience members in our very own search for the next 007!

Maura Derranne

She grew up on a small farm on Inis Mor and, now, one of the country's most glamorous women has gone back to her country roots to find Ireland's top farmer in TG4's brand new show "Feirm Factor". Maura told Ryan about some of the characters she met during the show, how things have changed in farming, and the realities of being a politician's wife.

Michael English

He's the rising star who is giving Daniel O'Donnell a run for his money. He started performing at the age of 12 and his mentor Louis Walsh has him tipped top for the top of the charts. He had the audience wrapped round his little finger as he performed "Do what you do do well" from his latest album "All my Life".