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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Brendan Grace

Ireland's grandmaster of comedy, Brendan Grace made a welcome return to Tubridy Tonight. He had the audience in stitches as he talked about becoming a Granddad, the journey into old age and the new man in the U.S. His hilarious DVD ,"Funny Man," is out now.

Take That

The roof almost lifted off the studio as our audience gave the biggest pop band in the world the welcome they deserved. The boys brought the house down and everyone to their feet with their brilliant new song "Greatest Day." They then narrowly avoided being mobbed by some of the most excited fans you've ever seen, to join Ryan on the coach for an unforgettable interview. Their new album "The Circus" is storming up the charts right now.

Gok Won

Ryan met the man most women would leave their husband's for - Fashion Guru Gok Wan. The "How To Look Good Naked" star explained how everyone can look fabulous and helped ryan pick out the best dressed audience members. But nothing could prepare him for the sight of our very own Camembert Quartet strutting their stuff on the catwalk! Gok's "How to Dress: Your Complete Style Guide for Every Occasion" is in shops now.