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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Dragons Den

Ryan was joined by three of the stars of RTE's new series 'Dragons Den. Sean Gallagher, Sarah Newman and Gavin Duffy entertained us with stories of how they made their millions and what they're looking for from the entrepreneurs that come into the Den. We also got our audience to pitch some of the best inventions you've never seen!

Lyod Grossman

The saucy Masterchef, famous for his narrating the notoriously nosey "Through The Key Hole" surprised us all as the sexy front man of a rock & roll band with plenty of "Totty"!

Eoin Colfer

He's a best-selling author worldwide who has come a long way from teaching in Wexford. Eoin Colfer kept our audience in fits of laughter with his tales of the school yard, grumpy dads being dragged along to book-signings, and being asked to write the new book in the "Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy" series!


"Here Come The Girls"! We were delighted to have the sexy threesome performing the huge hit from their latest album "Cat Fights and Spot Lights"