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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mike Murphy

We took a step back in time with one of Ireland's best-loved broadcasters, the all-singing, all-dancing Mike Murphy. He spoke candidly about leaving "The Live Mike", celebrity status, life in Florida and why everyone thinks he's a multi-millionaire property mogul. "I'm Mike Murphy From RTE" Volume 2, is in shops on November 7th.

Mary Black

For over 25 years her unforgettable voice has been part of the fabric of Ireland. The musical legend chatted about meeting the Clintons, keeping it in the family, and she even treated us to a tune!

Nevin Maguire

His award winning restaurant may be booked out until next summer, but the celebrity Chef took the night off to teach Ryan a thing or two in the Tubridy Tonight kitchen - which was a lot more difficult than he thought! Neven's new book "Food from the Sun" is out this week and we love it!

The Saturday's

We had music from a girl band that is fast becoming the most exciting pop act around. One of the band members is from Tipperary and is surely set for Stardom. The Saturday's performed their debut single "Up"