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Saturday, 18 October 2008

John & Francis Brennan

Charismatic hoteliers John and Francis Brennan joined Ryan to discuss their hugely successful show "At Your Service" and the ins and outs of running one of Ireland's premier hotels.

Fr Brian Darcy

The priest once lampooned by Dermot Morgan as Fr. Trendy, chatted to Ryan about his fascinating life as a clergy man and his experiences of juggling stardom with his religious duties.

Michelle Heaton

The glamorous Liberty X star who is now firmly settled in Ireland talked to Ryan about her presenting debut, her time in Failte Towers and her marriage break-up. Michelle wowed our audience with her sultry voice as she performed with our audience-filled band "Liberty Next"!

Michael Fassbender

He's one of Ireland's rising stars with his new movie Hunger receiving a standing ovation at Cannes. This drop dead gorgeous actor will be right at home working with the likes of Brad Pitt on Quentin Tarantino's latest movie!

Fall Out Boy

We had music from an American band who have caused quite a stir here and across the globe! Fall Out Boy performed "I Don't Care" from their much anticipated album "Folie A Deux"!