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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Aidan & Marian Quinn

Hollywood heartthrob Aidan Quinn and his sister Marian talked about 1970's coming of age movie 32A. Aidan also told Ryan about his first meeting with Madonna, working with Paul Newman and even though he's based in the States he does a very convincing Cork accent!

Charlene McKenna & Shelley Conn

Monaghan actress Charlene McKenna and sophisticated Mistress, star Shelley Conn have joined forces for T.V. drama Raw. The stunning pair charmed both Ryan and the audience and Charlene's monkey business was sweetly rewarded!

Don Baker

Musician, songwriter, actor and author Don Baker reminisced with Ryan about his good friend Ronnie Drew, his fast paced career and his time on Failte Towers. The Irish blues legend wowed the audience with his virtuoso harmonica playing.

Fujiya & Miyagi

Brighton band Fujiya and Miyagi owe their curious moniker to a classic turntable and a character from the Karate Kid .They performed their new single Knickerbocker, from the album, Lightbulbs.