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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Geri Haliwell

As an international superstar she helped change the face of music in the nineties, as the Spice Girls tried to empower women everywhere with their bold and brazen behaviour. Now after their re-union and a sell out world tour, Geri Haliwell has decided to put pen to paper. But why did she change from Ginger Spice, to Writer Spice?

Jennifer Maguire

The apprentice hopeful who was dramatically fired from the boardroom last week, proved her ice queen persona unjustified as she openly chatted about the other contestants, her claims of being the best sales person in Europe and life back in Dublin!

Joe Elliot

As a 1980s Rock God, he sold tens of millions of albums and we've all rocked-out to the Def Leppard singer's anthems. Joe joined Ryan to chat about the behind the scenes stories and glamorous gallivanting of the rock and roll world!

Morgan Sperlock

Ha has been labelled as the thinking man's Michael Moore and is best known for taking on McDonald's with his documentary Super Size Me. In a hilarious interview we hear about his second documentary which tackles the war on terrorism by asking where in the world is Osama Bin Laden.

The National

We had music from The National who will be touring with REM in June, performing "Fake Empire" from their latest album "Boxer" you can see them play three nights in Dublin's Olympia Theatre from Tuesday the 13th of May.