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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Marco Pierre White

He is synonymous with stunning restaurants and fabulous food, yet this celebrity chef's terrifying presence has reduced tough talking chefs to tears. The Gordon Ramsay mentor who is famous for his barrage of insults relaxed with Ryan and showed his sensitive side!

Lucy Kennedy

In her new series "Living with Lucy" the bubbly brunette gets a real insight into celebrity life. A lively Lucy spills the beans on living down under with hunky Brian McFadden and stalking the paparazzi Queen Jade Goody.

Stephen Hunt

After a controversial clash in his first full premiership game the reading midfielder and groom to be has proved to be a strong minded player who is brushing up on his Italian and looking forward to a lasting career in Irish football!

Ham Sandwich

We had music from a very talented Irish band from Meath, who can name Bono as one of their fans. Ham Sandwich performed their single "Keepsake", catch them the village in on the 24th of May.