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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Natalie Cassidy

From a surprise pregnancy to a lesbian love affair, the former Eastenders star enjoyed many a challenging storyline as Sonia Jackson. Since leaving the soap, she has shaken off mousy Sonia and fought the flab with her fitness DVD The Then & Now Work Out

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

He has made his millions from the music business, from bitchy girl bands to juvenile judges, Louis knows The Fast Track To Fame!

Donal MacIntyre

He has infiltrated terrorist layers and tropical tribes, been in the middle of war zones, and even hooligan heists. In fact, Donal MacIntyre has lived an undercover life to rival James Bond but is still a homeboy at heart who hopes to return home to Ireland with his family.

Los Campesinos!

We had music from one of the most exciting young bands around at the moment, performing Death to Los Campesinos! If you would like to win copies of their album Hold On Now Youngster please contact us at