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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Duncan & Tania Stewart

It was a family affair on the Tubridy couch when Tania Stewart gave us an insight into what it's like to work and live with her eco-friendly Dad whose quest to reduce Ireland's carbon footprint, can sometimes make for interesting responses from his family, as we discovered!

Neil Strauss & Daithi O'Shea

The self-proclaimed world's number one pickup artist, Neil Strauss, gave Ryan tips from his best-selling book The Game, and Ireland's very own Casanova Daithi O'Shea shared some amusing experiences of chatting up the ladies of West Kerry.

Ray Mears

The intrepid explorer shared his interesting and in-depth knowledge of bush craft with Ryan. From bonding with tribes in the rainforest to identifying medicines and poisons in the wild, Ray Mears had a lot to say and it made a for a riveting interview.

Sons and Daughters

Glasgow's Sons and Daughters played out the show with the classic pop of Gilt Complex from their new album, The Gift. If you would like to win copies of this album please contact us at