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Saturday, 6 October 2007

David Gest

Saturday night's show began with one of Hollywood's most extraordinary entertainers. Best friends with America's superstars, David Gest told Ryan all about life growing up with the Jackson five, and baffled the audience with his tales of his Irish cousin Marie O'Connor and his housekeeper's daughter Clitina Seamen! David will be back in Ireland in March with his new stage show, including the Chinese girls with herpes and the little people of David land!!!!!!

Dan & Becs

Aka Holly White and David Coffey, Dalkey's answer to Romeo and Juliet, gave Ryan the ins and outs of how different men and women really think. TV's trendiest couple Holly and David talked about their characters, the Bebo phenomenon, why people love to mock South County Dublin, the similarities and differences they have with their characters, and why David likes to dress Holly up so much!

Bibi Baskin

The broadcasting legend who swapped Ireland for India, Bibi Baskin spoke to Ryan all about her new television series, Living the Dream, a show that mirrors her own life. She talked about her time with RTÉ, made light of being the 'farmer's favourite', and went on to tell us about her new life and how difficult it is to be a business woman in India! Bibi wore a stunning outfit called a Chiurdhar which is a traditional Indian dress and added to the overall impression that she certainly is living the dream.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash was a great way to close the show. She performed her infectious hit single Foundations a song which despite being ignored by commercial radio stations reached number 2 in the official UK singles chart. Following the rapid success of Foundations she brought the release of her debut album Made of Bricks forward by six weeks. To win an exclusive signed copy of the album contact us on