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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Dara O'Briain

Our first guest of the evening, Dara O'Briain was given a rip-roaring welcome by the studio audience who were clearly delighted to see one of Ireland's most successful comedy exports return to Tubridy Tonight. Dara spoke to Ryan about the trouble people have with his name and how one interviewer from Radio Berkshire introduced Dara by chanting "Ooh ah, Up Da-ra. I said.ooh ah up Da-ra." He confronted the rumours floating around that ITV bosses are making him the successor to Michael Parkinson, and the strange "facts" about him on wikipedia. Does he really fly for free with Aer Lingus and what's this about him being related to Michael Collins?

Jennie Bond

The elegant and sharp witted Jennie Bond had Ryan and the audience intrigued with her no nonsense tails of The Royal Family and her accounts of girly chats with Diana over tea. She admitted that she was ecstatic to be free of the monarchy after 14 years of reporting on the royals. She felt there was no need for such an odd institution in a democratic world and despite Ryan expecting that she would have had to follow protocol....she never once curtsied to a royal family member.

Trevor Brennan

Ex Irish rugby player Trevor Brennan shot the breeze with Ryan about the world cup and his own controversial rugby career. Trevor was as brutally honest in his interview as he was physical on the pitch and opened up to Ryan about the upsetting incident with a supporter that consequentially ended his career. He showed his softer side as he recalled an embarrassing episode with a bottle of fake tan and spoke freely about a definite divide within the current Irish team.

The Sawdoctors

The Sawdoctors

Our studio audience took a step back in time when they were treated to a rendition of one of the biggest selling singles in Irish history. I useta Lover is a song you are going to hear up and down the country in every radio station for the next six weeks as The Sawdoctors re-release the hit as a charity record for the up and coming RTE People in Need Telethon.