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Saturday, 25 February 2006

John Sergeant

John Sergeant was the BBC's chief political correspondent from 1992-2000. One of his most notable journalistic encounters was with Margaret Thatcher just before she resigned as Prime Minister in 1990. The way he was pushed aside by her press secretary has become one of the most famous live broadcasts of recent times. He chatted to Ryan about stories he covered in more than 25 countries. A career in light entertainment lay dormant for many years while John built up his image as a serious political journalist. But his career in comedy was revived in 1998 when he appeared in an edition of Have I Got News For You on BBC 2. Ian Hislop said he had been one of the funniest guests in the history of the programme.

Sheila O'Flanagan

Sheila O'Flanagan

Also joining Ryan on the couch was author Sheila O'Flanagan. She told of how her mother's accepting a job offer on her behalf led to a career as a dealer in financial services. Yet she desperately wanted to write her own book - so in her thirties decided that it was now or never, sat down, stuck Chapter 1 on a page, and started. And so began a successful literary career which eventually saw her give up her trading job and write full time.

The Human League

The Human League broke the mould in British pop music when they first appeared on the scene in the late 1970s. In a career spanning nearly 30 years they have had number one hits on both sides of the Atlantic as well as numerous top ten singles such as Human, Love Action, and Mirror Man. They have sold out gigs all over the world but they joined us live on Tubridy Tonight to perform a song that is a signature hit of the band, and one of the most famous pop anthems of the Eighties.. Don't You Want Me'