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Saturday, 28 January 2006

Colm Meaney

Colm Meaney

Direct from his mammy's house in Glasnevin, Star Trek's "Chief Engineer Myles O'Brien" beamed into Tubridy Tonight last Saturday. Colm talked about how he started his career as a fisherman before turning to acting, firstly with The Abbey in Dublin before moving to LA where he got his big break. He now divides his time between California and Mallorca where he has a house with occasional visits home. Colm spoke about how he became a dad again for the second time after a gap of 20 years, he then joined the Camembert Quartet in a rendition of "Yellow Submarine". to demonstrate how he sings baby Ada to sleep.

George Galloway

A couple of weeks ago, George Galloway swapped his membership of the House of Commons for membership of another house. The Celebrity Big Brother House. Some things were the same - the intrigue, the tactical voting, the backstabbing, the rows - but some things, like the wearing of leotards, the 1950s rock'n' roll outfits and the pretending to be a cat - were slightly different. The "cat incident" alone caused uproar in the British tabloids. George told Ryan that he spent "5 minutes as a cat but Tony Blair has spent 5 years as a poodle". George talked about his experiences in the Big Brother House and his plans for the money he has raised for Palestinian charities.

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson first became famous as a stinking, turnip-loving simpleton called "Baldrick" man servant to Rowan Atkinson in the hit BBC Comedy Blackadder. He later found out - the hard, and the smelly way - what it was like to do the worst jobs in history. In-between, he's carved out a considerable reputation as an award-winning screenwriter, a comedian, the author of eighteen children's books, a political campaigner and presenter of the hugely popular TV history programme 'Time Team'. He told Ryan how he's now brought these and many other themes together in his own one-man show.

Catch "Tony Robinson's Cunning Night out" in Coleraine, Armagh, and Letterkenny in early March   

Camille O'Sullivan

Camille O'Sullivan is probably best known for her interpretations of the songs of Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill, Tom Waits and David Bowie, among others.

She will be bringing her award-winning show to the Olympia in Dublin on Sunday 26th of February 2006.
Accompanied by the Camembert Quartet Camille gave a sultry rendition of the Kirsty McColl song 'In These Shoes'.

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