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Saturday, 14 January 2006

Des Bishop

One of the most gifted and outspoken comedians to emerge in recent years, Des Bishop first came to public attention when he undertook a series of tedious minimum-wage jobs for an RTE comedy/documentary series.

Following on the success of the programme, Des has returned to RTE with a series called 'Joy in the Hood' where his mission is to discover talent in some of Ireland's most socially deprived areas.
Des discussed his time spent in Ballymun, Knocknaheeny and Tuam, and explained where his interest in 'what goes on in the underbelly' comes from. Joking about his workshop in Ballymun Des said 'it is a great place. I think Ballymun has more workshops than it has people!'.

'Joy in the Hood' goes out Mondays at 9.30pm on RTÉ Two

Barry McGuigan

Dubbed the 'The Clones Cyclone' former world champ Barry McGuigan visited the Tubridy Tonight studio last Saturday. Barry told Ryan how special it felt to have recently been inducted into the international Boxing Hall of Fame and how he came to meet Russell Crowe. 

Barry also chatted about his fellow Clones boxer Kevin McBride, who created a sensation last year by beating boxing giant Mike Tyson, his friendship with Oscar winning actor Daniel Day Lewis and football legend George Best.

He also recalled how his mother used to 'wander around listening to classical music' during his fights to avoid watching him box.

Although Barry now lives in the UK he said he loves coming home to Clones to visit his family and is hoping to make a definite move back to Ireland in a few years.

Vanessa Feltz

Although she only spent a short time in the first ever Celebrity Big Brother, Vanessa Feltz certainly made a lasting impression.
She compared the Big Brother experience to being stuck in a lift for a long period of time and said 'you have no idea what your reaction will be'.

The TV presenter and journalist still finds it hard to believe that over 20 million people watched her scrawl on the house table with chalk and scream at the voice of Big Brother.
She recalled how 'it was unbelievably boring and hideous in there. I just could not bear it. and I missed my kids' she added.

Vanessa also discussed candidates in the current Celebrity Big Brother, her involvement in other reality TV shows, including the weight loss program 'Celebrity Fit Club' and 'Cosmetic Surgery Live'.

Ryan discovered that her grand-mother used to sing to her an Irish lullaby. When Ryan asked her to perform it she joked 'they told me the Irish do that to you, they kidnap you and they make you sing!'

Bell X1

After releasing a number one album and touring in Ireland, Britain and the States, Dublin based band is back home and has been nominated for two Meteor Awards. Bell X1 performed 'Flame', taken from their album 'Flock'.

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