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What The Sweders Said:

BeLonG To, Dublin
Our Youth Group is literally jam packed with very humorous characters, so we had a ball thinking of different things to poke fun at and play around with. Once we decided on The Hills and Dragon's Den, we knew where we wanted to go from there, and just had a blast doing it!"

Tallaght Young Filmmakers, Co Dublin
Jason: Working with the RTÉ crew was a great experience. It helped us see what it is really like working with a real crew.

Lauren: I thought it was brill. They were really fun to work with and it was an amazing experience.
Steph: It was an awesome experience. Especially getting into our characters.

Eoghan: It was a great way of learning the basics of making a TV programme in a fun and entertaining way!

Chris: An exciting insight into the possibilities of low budget cinema. and child labour.

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