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No Experience Required

Thursday April 8th at 4.10pm

David, Patrick, Aidan

No Experience Required Transition Year returns for a one-off special on Thursday April 8th at 4.10pm, giving three more transition students a chance to test their dream careers.

This time round NERTY delves into the exciting world of Arts Administration, featuring the Lights Out! Festival, a new National Film Festival for young people, which took place in July.

Up for grabs is a fantastic work placement in Arts Administration.

Patrick, Aidan and DavidThe three transition students were selected through an open call: David Yelverton-Vard from Co Kildare; Aidan Knowles from Dublin and Patrick Fitzgerald from Co Kerry.

Their skills are tested to the max as they work behind the scenes at the Lights Out! Festival where they learn what really goes on backstage at film festivals.

The three film buffs, Patrick, Aidan and David (left), may have know their Ang Lee from their Tommy Lee but are they made of tough enough stuff to cope with the incredible pressure of organising a film festival?

Click on Watch The Show to see how they get on.

NERTY gives transition year students the chance to discover their true potential and gain valuable insights which will help them make important decisions about their future careers.

The careers featured on NERTY in the past include PR, Radio, Hotel Management, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Journalism, Law, Fashion, Architecture and Occupation Therapy.

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